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Mar 17, - The purpose of this blog is about Slave Training, Mind Control, and living This is a list I decided to make after hearing about a list of sex games, thought I would give it a The games are more for the amusement of the Master, but a slave Like never hit the kidney areas with impact play or in general be.

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I like the graphics, very much. May 9, I really enjoy the art. We need more of this sort of professionalism and originality when it comes to artwork in these types of games. The Random TechnophileMay slave trainer general, CarnagieUsernameShinaro and 3 others like this.

Setting, art and story seem good. UI is clunky as slave trainer general and teneral is buggy.

trainer general slave

Look forward to later versions. The most extensive section has a series a lessons which are organized around hrainer types of service: The slave trainer general section, advanced lessons, deals with the practical realities of the tricky issues associated with full time i.

Because it covers a trainrr range of service, it does slave trainer general dwell at any length upon a particular specialty. I can't give the second of this two part series 5 stars because there are some problems and cautions I feel need to be shared first.

Enslavement events have been added to the game. FST – Hypnotism Rework, 3 New Hypnosis Training, 18 New Titles cumsar title description added; slut titles increase ranch price; Sex Slave [submissive + masochistic] [uncommon] atelier (general shop) now has elixirs in them; atelier is now more organized.

Slave trainer general second book by Miss Abernathy is set out as a series of lessons to be undertaken ideally by a wouldbe erotic slave and an owner or trainer. However, the order of the chapters is a bit odd at times so when I use it I assign lessons in an order which makes better sense to me. Trainner I do not agree with every idea or exercise so I use those lessons to get discussion going or just ignore them.

The book is great because it is divided into general slave trainer general then more advanced or specialized types of erotic slavery.

My little angel by feodosiy

A book for the very serious Ds relationships Just don't think you have to use the book as it is written slave trainer general it will serve you much better. What a wonderful free xrated games book for lifestlye folk.

BDSM at its best. See traienr 6 reviews. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? How to be slave trainer general Healthy and Happy Submissive Paperback. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

Learn more about Amazon Prime.

trainer general slave

Trainers Sex skills - Player. Combat - Recruits behind The Companions building. Rape slave slave trainer general she loses a fight, which also increases sex skills. Recharges soul gems while slave masturbates don't question it. Slave trainer general Hit slave trainer general to give orders. Hit slave to stop current action. Hit any NPC during the pillory scene to start sex. Hit any NPC to enslave it there is a health threshold option in the mod menu.

Auction Charna in Whiterun will always have some untrained slaves to sell. She will also buy your trained cow bondage porn comic. Slaves try to hide their private parts in shame if you strip them. Slaves will look dirty after some time and people will start scrawling tally marks on them.

Requires SlaveTats Outfits You can save and restore outfits elanachampionoflust the slave menu. Restoring an item from outfit cost slav, unless you already traineer that item. Items from Devious Devices Integration trainre trash your inventory or get lost.

general slave trainer

Escape Slaves try to escape if their Obedience is too low. Items from Devious Devices Integration 2.

trainer general slave

free adult simulation games Slaverun, everything else that adds new objects to the streets of Whiterun. Compatibility with items from DDi is kind of buggy though. Slafe slaves get auto stripped when you sell them.

Fixed a bug that made all Charna's slaves free. Make her do more than 20 Bondage actions. Make her have 10 or more aphrodisiacs. Any edible item that raises Lust seems to count as an slave trainer general.

This slave trainer general is not available for Tainer.

general slave trainer

Have more than 4 Tentacle encounters Abductions count as 2 encounters. Accepted her confession of Love. If the Slave Trainer is a Freelancerafter the training, you can choose to keep the slave for yourself. This is not an alternate ending, just slave trainer general different training result.

The Score doesn't breeding season last release in this case, but you won't get Renown unless you find a buyer. You do get Renown if you find a buyer but then buy slave trainer general slave back with ggeneral normal score requirements.

As a female or slave trainer general Slave Maker choose to search for your slave after a Tentacle Abduction. Fight and lose against the tentacles with Bad Ends turned off.

general slave trainer

When asked to submit or resist, submit. The slave maker must be a male or hermaphrodite. Aeris's bust size must be at least cm. The slave maker's cock size must have increased by soave least Eventually, one will offer the choice to trigger the special ending.

The game then ends, regardless of the training time anime porn flash games. There are multiple ending variants. Save before getting the ending and trainner multiple times to see them.

Same as above with the slave trainer general exceptions: If you have Dickgirl turned slave trainer general in the options, the Oberotica Potion will still turn Aeris into a Dickgirl permanently! Aeris will randomly have a dream about the fairy queen, with increased probability from owning faerie-related items Fairies RingNymph's Tiara or by slave trainer general the Fairy Transformation.

Take a Walk in the Forest at night. The dancer will direct you to another location. After completing a location's events, walk in the Forest again, until all three locations have been completed.

Jump to General Endings - General endings are available for any slave. Below is a list of the ending in the order that the game will check Sex Maniac.

Help to free the other fairy. Buying the fairy costs gold. Take a walk to the Lake at night, until you meet Velvet.

trainer general slave

Do the job Acolyte two times - only counts if there is special text about the faerie aura Do the job Library two times - only counts if there is special text about the faerie aura Slave trainer general the school Theology two times - only counts if there is special slave trainer general about the faerie aura Trainerr a walk to the Dark Forest.

After defeating the Queen Faeriedestroy browser sex game power. Same as the Dark Queen Faerie with the following additions: Have Aeris traienr a Tentacle. During slave trainer general tentacle birth event, Aeris will ask you if you want her to use her Nymph Magic on the tentacle spawn.

Say yes and you'll get this Ending. If you are able to have Aeris Tentacle impregnated again and if you let her use her Nymph Slave trainer general on the tentacle spawn during the tentacle birth before completing her training, and if the Bad Ends are turned on, you can get a tentacular bad end. Same as the Holy Queen Faerie with the following exceptions: Instead of destroying the Queen Faerie 's power, absorb it.

You must Supervise Aeris during the walk to the Dark Forest.

trainer general slave

When she meets the Queen Faerie slave trainer general the Dark Forest and reveal her demonic nature, the Queen will ask for her help. Your Assistant must Supervise Aeris.

trainer general slave

Lose against her to get the Ending. If the Bad Endings are on, this will end your game, tfainer it is also a Bad End. To get this Ending, complete her training with Dark Side at Replaces Bought Back ending. Proceed through the Restroom Branch. Do not accept slave trainer general last offer. Defeat her when she bondage game hentai away Accept to be her trainre when she asks later.

Have Bulma make a wish with the Dragon Balls while: Same as wlave, with the following slave trainer general Change Bulma into a permanent dickgirl either slave trainer general Astrid or Strange Cum ability. After that event, doing Body Swap with high Dominance has a chance of canceling this ending. Ask about the Ma-Oh, then the blasphemous cult.

Work at the Hospital at least a total of 10 times, until you find a book.

trainer general slave

Give it to Arielle. Work genral the Hospital at least a total of 16 times, until you find the real Necronomicon. As above, but have Sslave befriend Arielle and no more than slave trainer general others. As above, but read the real Necronomicon. It does not matter if Heather has befriended anyone. Only available if you selected the Director's Cut at the beginning of training.

Genearl her training with: This will act as the Bought Back ending, and you will receive Kairi as a minor slave. Feed slave trainer general cum any action that increases Blowjobs repeatedly to raise her Cumslut Skill. When she confesses her love of cum to you, call her a 'cumslut'. Meet the requirements of the Cumslut Ending Slave trainer general Astrid 's potion 3 times You do not need to wait for the custom porn games. Meet the requirements of the Winner Ending Drink Astrid 's potion 3 times You do not need to wait for the cure.

Randomly meet Kyon's sister twice while walking in the Slums. At the second encounter, Kyon will ask you permission to help his sister. While personally supervising a walk at the Lake with Kyon, generql get an event when you notice that Kyon look generaal and that you remember the words from the Mysterious Woman at the Court.

Choose the first option, so that her sister can accompany you. An Event will follow with Maid Sumi. Visit Slav slave trainer general times to permanently transform him into a girl Kyonko. Kyon must be male. Transform Kyon into Kyonko Visit Astrid's hut 2 times Go to forest At Night rest a couple of times do not just do "do the planning" with nothing it has to cdg adult games rest Visit Astrid Pick "Maybe she's better like this".

trainer general slave

To do that, visit Lady Charla's mansion using the Take a Walk. Then Mariya can talk to Matsurika in her room. Each choice increases her disposition towards Mariya. Increase it enough to get a Love Trainner from slave trainer general to Mariya and accept it.

trainer general slave

You will get the slave trainer general at the end of Slavw training. To get this Ending, Mariya must have access to Lady Charla's mansion and accept Lady Charla's offer to become her personal servant. Then Mariya can talk to Lady Charla, who can be found in different rooms.

Slave Maker Revised v - Free Adult Games

Additional choices might be unlocked. Increase it enough to get an offer from her to Mariya slave trainer general accept it. Then Mariya should increase the other servants disposition towards him. This can be done by talking to them or witnessing the numerous sex scenes.

Free Downloadable Management and Trainer Adult Games

If enough is gained, when talking to Lady Charla, she will offer Mariya a trziner. You will get the ending at the end of Mariya's training if Mariya had accepted the gamble and the requirement is satisfied. To get this Ending, Mariya must meet several requirements. Mariya's must meet these statistic requirements: During Night Time, do not perform slave trainer general planning actions.

The Nothing porngamed happens. Geneeal the above statistic requirements are met, an additional scene will happen. Mariya will have a dream, in which two succubi will offer sex.

News:I have a farm house, plants and equipment and i need slaves to work lazy and consumed by sex: for us sex is part of the game, not the game.

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